Sodium thiosulfate

≥98% Sodium thiosulfate is a commonly used chemical material, as the fixing agent in photography, film and printing plate-making industry, as a reducing agent used in tanning. It is used as a bleaching agent for removing residual and a mordant in the paper and textile industries, as antidotes of cyanide poisoning in medicine, as dechlorination agent and fungicides of drinking water and wastewater in water treatment, as a copper corrosion inhibitor of circulating cooling water and a deoxidizer of boiler water systems. It is also used for Cyanide wastewater treatment. Soda ash and sulfur are generally used as raw materials in industry, soda ash reacts with sulfur dioxide produced by the combustion of sulfur to produce sodium sulfite, then add sulfur for boiling reactions, and then filter, bleach, concentrate and crystallize, etc, can obtain sodium thiosulfate pentahydrate. Other production waste containing sodium sulfide, sodium sulfite, sulfur and sodium hydroxide can also be used, after appropriate treatment to get the product.

sulphur black

sulphur black 100% sulphur black 120% sulphur black 140% sulphur black 160% sulphur black 180% sulphur black 200% sulphur black 220% sulphur black 240%

We  produce any sulphur black you want.

Any percent  (160% 180% 200% 220% 240% or other percent)

Any tone  (redish , blueness)

Any packing (Drum, Woven bag, carton box )

what you need

what  will be produced

selected raw materials

We have strict control of raw materials, whoes manufacturers provide refined products, and it ensure the products high purity, good quality and stability

Automatic production technology

Our production equipment is entirely automatic, and is controlled more accurate, more enviromental, safer, higher efficiency and higher quality

Strict quality control system

We have very strict quality control system, for each batch of products, from the raw materials to the finished products,we carry out strict technical inspection and control in every step, which ensure the best quality

Quality service

We are trying our best to provide our clients the excellent service, with 24 hours in response to customer feedback


1.What’s the price of your sulphur black?

The price depends on the quality.  please make sure what percent do you want and waht is the tone ,redish or blueness.

2.What’s the packing ?

We can supply the goods with any packing you want.

3.About the samples.

We can send you samples for free, but I hope you can provide us with samples, and then we can check what quality you want, and then produce as you requested .

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