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sulphur black 200% BR  Flashing Black Flakes or Granules 25KG/BAG



sulphur black 200%

Sulphur black BR basic information

Product Name Sulphur Black 200%
Colour Index No. Sulphur Black 1
Standard of identity HG/T3427-2001
Appearance Flashing Black Flakes or Granules
Strength 200%
Shade Approximate to the Standard
Moisture % ≤6.0
Insoluble matter in Sodium Sulfide % ≤0.5
Uses: Mainly used dyeing on cotton, also used dyeing on cambric, viscose and vinylon.
Starage and transportation


It must be store in drying and ventilation preventing from sunlight directly,

moisture or hot.

Must be careful with it and prevent from damaging the packing.

Zhengding County Bairun Chemical Products Manufacturing Co., Ltd., located in  Zhengding County, Shijiazhuang City ,Hebei Province . In 2009, the production of sulfide-based sulfur dyes. In recent years we continue to innovate, all using automated production technology, and in the raw material control and quality control system assiduously, sulphur black production technology more professional more mature, more stable product quality, performance is more superior. We produce sulphur black 200% sulphur black 220%  240% with stable quality, excellent appearance and usability, won the national and Southeast Asian guests of all ages.

We welcome our customers to send us the samples they are using now. We will test the samples, do the comparison, and recommend our similar items to our customers. Or we will adjust the quality according to customers’ request. We welcome the chance to send our samples to customers to test. If our samples can match customers standard, we will move to orders. If they can’t match customers standard, we will resend samples according to the quality difference.

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  1. Rong

    Good quality and competive price sulphur black

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