Sulphur Black Dyeing Precautions

First, the sulphur black dye is not in the water dyes, so the sulfur dye itself does not have the dyeing capacity of cotton. But it is in the sulfuric acid alkali solution in the dyes reduced to the leucorrhea on the cotton has a good dyeing performance. The sulphur dye is to be carried out in a sulphurized alkali solution.

Second, the Sulphur dye material operation: with a good sulfurized alkali into the attached cylinder with 80 ℃ water dissolved 5-10 minutes, and then into the Sulphur black dissolved in boiling water for 20 minutes. And adding 1% sulfurized soda ash.

Third: the role and the amount of additives:
Sulfide (Na2S): is the solvent that dissolves the sulfur dye, its role is to reduce the Sulphur black dye into the dyed and have the dyeing ability of cotton. From the role of dissolved sulfur black.
Dosage: The ratio of sulfide to sulfur black is between 1-1.5: 1
Soda ash (Na2CO3): Soda ash in the Sulphur black dye solution to improve the stability of the role of dye reduction to prevent premature oxidation of the dye. It is also an alkali agent for oil removal. In the use of hard water staining, but also to prevent hard water in the calcium, magnesium salts affect the dyeing effect, the general amount of fabric for about 2%, excessive use will make the fabric reddish brown.
Yuanming powder (Na2SO4): vulcanized dye coloring rate is low, in the dye by adding yuan Ming powder to improve the dye up to help, so Yuan Ming powder from the role of promoting dye.
Degreaser: remove the oil on the cloth and improve the permeability of the embryo, improve the dyeing rate and leveling.
Anti-wrinkle agent: to prevent cloth crease and wrinkle generation.
Urea: from the role of anti-crisp.
Soft oil: from the soft effect, so that cloth to soft and comfortable feel.
 Fourth operation Note:
1 material to ensure that time, temperature. Make sure that the dye is fully reduced and dissolved.
2 embryo degreasing time to ensure that the oil to remove the cloth, improve the hair effect, conducive to dyeing evenly.
3 Washing oxidation is the key. Dye cool down to 60% of the amount of dye from the tank. Run 10`, and then row of 1/2 water, and then from the tank into the water 1/2, run 10`, wash overflow water to clear water.
4 too soft: soft oil to the tank with a large water ratio (1:20 or more) to open in 5-10 minutes into the master cylinder is too soft.
Note: Sulphur black does not require oxidant oxidation, washing water can be fully oxidized.
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